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CPP Steel Bridge Ready for New Year and New Goals!

The Cal Poly Pomona Steel Bridge Team wraps up their first full academic year under quarantine restrictions by setting a personal record for the university. The team placed first in regionals, and despite only being able to have 5 members fabricate the bridge, the team finished an impressive fourth in nationals.

According to Safety Officer Gabriel Rangel, the road was not easy, especially during the pandemic. However, the team persevered together, working through the burnout from online classes and the lack of in-person interactions. This year was also different due to AISC introducing a secondary, supplemental competition for schools that could not compete in-person. The supplemental competition consisted of a technical paper, a video description of the bridge, construction sequence, and structural integrity and analysis, which was completed with the whole team’s contributions.

With only about 30 days before the competition, the Steel Bridge Team was abruptly given access to the on-campus lab with a 5 person maximum occupancy. The team quickly reorganized amidst this new development and worked tirelessly to fabricate the bridge, spending at least 40 hours a week building in the two weeks leading up to Nationals. Project Manager Josue Arana recounts, “The week leading up to the national competition, the whole team was exhausted but remained resilient. After practicing weeks upon weeks and giving it our all, I was ready for the judges to witness what hard work could bring. Overall, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, largely because of the passion and dedication of other members.”

With the “passion and dedication” of the members, the team set a new record for Cal Poly Pomona. This achievement could not have been reached without the hard work and grit of everyone on the Steel Bridge Team. Thank you to everyone who helped us on this journey.

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