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Emelisa is a fourth year general Civil Engineering student and is serving as this year’s Steel Bridge Project Manager. This will be her second year as an officer, previously serving as Quality Control. She was able to be one out of the five officers for the year 2021 to participate and compete in the Student Steel Bridge competition 2021, even with the pandemic occurring. Emelisa’s interest lies in transportation engineering, however she is open to other options that will improve the world’s community. During her free time, she likes to paint, spend time with family, continue to learn a different language other than English, go on hikes, and work out. Emelisa is very passionate in setting a good example for her siblings and learning new things along the way. She is determined to lead a team full of bright and motivated engineers!








"In my activity as a professional engineer, as a teacher, and as a scientist, I am committed to enhancing structures performance through multidisciplinary investigation and development of new technologies. I am open to new collaboration opportunities, aimed at promoting innovation in structural engineering practices."

Emelisa Vasquez

Project Manager





Priscilla Alvarez is a fourth year General Civil Engineering major. Her journey in Steel Bridge started off as part of the construction team,  which she then moved onto being one of the Fabrication Captains. Even as a Fabrication Captain, she would go and help the team with construction practice every week which helped the team accomplish achievements that have never been done at Cal Poly Pomona ever!  Given her ability to learn and adapt from different positions, it inspired her to pursue her current position as Technical Captain. Her interests are traveling, painting, and learning new things from mentors & alumni. Her future goals consist of pursuing a masters degree, traveling to many more places, and finding a career that will make her happy and satisfied.



Esteban is a fifth-year Civil Engineering student and is serving as one of this year’s Design Captains. Similar to others, he has also served in last year’s team as Student Representative and was a general member the year prior. In recent years, officers who have served as Student Representatives have drawn interest to come back to the team and continue to improve the team. Currently, he is a student intern at Cordoba Corporation working in the water, transportation, and energy design sector. In his free time, he likes to go hiking, biking, and play soccer.




Josue is a fourth-year general Civil Engineering student and is serving as this year’s Steel Bridge Design Captain. This will be his third year as an officer, previously serving as Project Manager and Student Representative. His first year he was part of the Steel Bridge construction team and competed in the 2018-2019 Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC) at San Luis Obispo. As Project Manager last year, he and his team achieved 4th place nationally in the complete from home competition during the pandemic. Currently, he is in Development Services at Kimley-Horn. In his free time, Josue enjoys the outdoors, hikes, the beach, spending time with friends/family/pets, and staying in to watch Netflix. He is also very passionate in engineering and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Priscilla Alvarez

Technical Captain

Josue Arana

Design Captain

Esteban Ortuno

Design Captain



Amanda is a second-year transfer majoring in Civil Engineering. This is her first year in Steel Bridge as a Connection Specialist and was recently an initiated member of the Chi Epsilon Honor Society. As of right now, she is an Engineering Intern at KPFF Consulting Engineers. Amanda is still exploring what she wants in her career, but is very open to all opportunities. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog, going out with friends, working out/playing basketball and trying new restaurants.


Cesar is a fourth-year general Civil Engineering student and is serving as this year’s Steel Bridge Quality Control. Previously, he had been involved with Steel Bridge as a construction team member, an extra hand in the welding lab, and as Publicity Chair. He also continues to work at RKA, a municipal engineering company in Walnut, learning much about transportation and being in the field of Civil Engineering. He dreams of becoming an important structural contributor to a multi-million dollar construction corporation. A young and prestigious engineer, leading designers in utopian bridge projects and high speed rail projects. In his free time, he likes to play piano, run, spend time with family, and friends. Cesar is most passionate about learning, and helping others to never give up, because the feeling of accomplishment is incredible.

Amanda Lee

Connection Specialist

Alyssa Lam

Logistics Captain

Cesar Barajas Ortiz

Quality Control


Alyssa is a fourth-year Civil Engineering student serving as this year’s Logistics Captain. This will be her second year as an officer in Cal Poly Pomona Steel Bridge, previously serving as the Aesthetics Captain. She is passionate about engineering specifically in the field of transportation and holds the current position as vice president of CPP ITE. She looks forward to being a part of a team while enhancing her technical and soft skills. Over the summer, Alyssa got the chance to be a Roadway Intern at Kimley-Horn. During her free time, she enjoys reading, playing volleyball, and taking care of her plants.




Susanna is a second-year general Civil Engineering student minoring in computer information systems. She has been given a great opportunity to be  a part of Maximizing Engineering Potential (MEP) as a peer mentor and will be her first year as a Steel Bridge officer. Currently, she is an IT student assistant and aspires to pursue a career in transportation engineering or GIS. In her free time, she enjoys weightlifting and baking.




Gabriel Rangel is a 4th year Civil Engineering Major and has served last year as the Safety Captain. He is back and motivated to help the team achieve more goals as one of the Fabrication Captains this year. Gabriel has always had a passion for Civil Engineering and the team. When Cal Poly Pomona was allowed back to construct the Steel Bridge under COVID-19 Guidelines, he volunteered to help the team no matter if his commute from the San Gabriel Valley to Pomona was about 2 hours. His goal is to graduate and become a field engineer in the construction industry!



Aaron Perez, also known as Coach, is a fourth-year mechanical engineering major who is serving his second year in Steel Bridge, previously the Connections Designer and now one of the Fabrication Captains. His experiences have been quite vast working with electronics and control systems in custom built drones to manufacturing and design in and out of the academic environment. Working his way up the entertainment jungle, Aaron has been working as a manufacturing intern at Garner Holt productions, a world leader in designing and manufacturing animatronics and many other entertainment products to companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm and many other large and local entertainment icons. He has recently joined the Walt Disney Company as an engineer in quality assurance with hopes to become an imagineer!

Susanna Eng

Safety Captain

Gabriel Rangel

Fabrication Captain

Aaron Perez

Fabrication Captain



Citlalli Vazquez is a fourth-year general Civil Engineering student. In Steel Bridge she will be serving this year as a Construction Captain. Citlalli's experience consists of observing her father in his everyday work as an owner of a construction company. Learning from her father and her Civil Engineering courses, she is determined to lead this year's Construction team to success! She enjoys attempting to cook, taking and editing pictures, painting, and listening to music. Her future goals are still undetermined as she's still trying to discover what her passion is which gives her the opportunity to try new things!




Dung Nguyen (Samantha), is a senior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Civil Engineering, general option and will be the Construction Captain of Steel Bridge this year. Although her focus has been primarily on school, she is looking forward to an internship in the near future. When she has free time, she finds herself enjoying the outdoors such as going out for a hike with her family and dog. Dung has always been a big advocate for humanity and such an amazing samaritan which is why one of her future goals is to be able to help people in developing countries get access to better transportation and clean water.



Tristan Ramirez is a 4th year Electrical Engineer emphasizing in communications, and it is his 2nd year back with the team. He served as Treasurer his first year and is now the Aesthetics Captain & Publicity Chair. His passion of learning about communications in satellite and knowing how to collaborate with various teams has helped him earn an Internship with Northrop Grumman. This past summer was his 3rd Summer internship with Northrop Grumman as a Payload Systems Engineer. His interests are learning from successful people and mentors as well as guiding his siblings to a better future in life. His future goals is to become at least a subject matter expert, then become a  Lead or Director of a program and become financially successful.

Citlalli Vazquez

Construction Captain

Dung Nguyen

Construction Captain

Tristan Ramirez

Publicity Chair / Aesthetics Captain




Jeff is a fourth year Civil Engineering student and is serving as this year's Steel Bridge Treasurer. In addition to Steel Bridge, he is on the ASC Heavy Civil Team. Some of his hobbies include Photography/Roller Skating/Smash Bros Ultimate. After Graduating, he plans on being a Project Engineer and making his way to becoming a Superintendent.




Gina Dinh is a fourth-year general Civil Engineering student and is serving as this year's Fundraising Chair. In prior years Gina was involved in MEP. MEP is an engineering program geared towards preparing diverse communities of students for the professional world. Previously, she was treasurer of Circle K International and portrayed strong leadership and effective communication through her role. She dreams of giving back to her community to thank everyone who has contributed to her engineering dream. On this journey she hopes to one day demonstrate strong expertise as a certified structural engineer and is currently interning at Ardurra as a project works engineering intern. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, exploring new places, and learning how to cook up interesting dishes. Gina is most passionate about learning because with knowledge anything is possible.


Lily is a second-year Civil Engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona and is this year's Secretary. In addition to Steel Bridge, she is also the Treasurer for the Engineering Student Council and a member of the ASC Design Build Team. Lily currently is a student assistant at the California Energy Commission and is interning for Irwindale Public Works. In her free time, she likes to play Minecraft and read comic books. Lily does not have any specific goals, but she is open to any opportunity she comes across.

Jeffrey Garcia


Gina Dinh

Fundraising Chair

Lily Yang





Johanna is a second-year Civil Engineering student. She is one of this year’s Student Representatives and is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Engineering Student Council, who is looking forward to being a connection for students to become more involved. Along those lines, she hopes to be a positive influence in their lives and for her students as an instructor at Mathnasium. She was a mentee in the Achieve Scholars Program (ASP), and this past summer, she was a student researcher for Pennsylvania State University in Nuclear Engineering, working on isotope identification in machine learning. She dreams of continuing to serve her community as a future engineer, and is interested in exploring transportation, environment, water resources, and construction.




Ramon is a second-year general Civil Engineering student and it's his first year being involved in the Steel Bridge team. He is one of this year's Student Representatives and is excited to enhance his skills this year to hopefully be part of our technical team next year. Although he doesn't have much experience, he is always excited to learn. Ramon likes to both watch and play sports, ride horses, and spend time with family and friends. He is working on becoming a great engineer in hopes of inspiring younger students to pursue higher education.

Johanna Tsai

Student Representative

Ramon Rodriguez

Student Representative